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With 25 years of experience, the PLAST’FINANCES Group, founded by Anthony Cleard, is an expert in plastic manufacturing. Our production sites are located in Ain, near Oyonnax, at the heart of Plastics Valley.

The group develops, creates and manufactures plastic packaging using extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding and injection. All activities are covered: from the design office to the creation of moulds and the manufacture of bottles, jerrycans, containers and caps.

Each entity in the group covers a specific business sector:

CAPS Packaging

CAPS Packaging for the detergent, hospital hygiene, disinfection, automotive and distribution markets.

COSLINE Packaging

COSLINE Packaging for cosmetics, beauty and health.

CPMO Création Plastique

CPMO Création Plastique for the design of moulds, tools, caps and technical parts.

FOODLINE Packaging

FOODLINE Packaging for food and agriculture.

The group produces containers ranging from 10 ml to 5 l using HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PET PETG and PA. Recognising environmental issues, the group also offers packaging made with recycled and recyclable materials such as rPET and rPE.
We are committed to creating standard and custom products for our customers in our design office, developing suitable moulds and carrying out production at our own manufacturing sites.

We provide advice and contribute all our energy and professionalism to ensure successful completion of our customers’ projects. Focused on innovation, we are constantly inventing and reinventing to ensure continuous improvement, and we are proud to offer products that are 100% made in France.
All this fits within an environmental approach to which we are profoundly committed.

Key dates

Creation of a mould design and production workshop by Gilbert CLEARD under the name of CPMO.
Creation of the CAPS company, specialising in the production of plastic packaging for detergents, hospital hygiene, the automotive industry, distribution etc.
Extension of the Villereversure site by 1,700 m², taking the total building surface area to 3,000 m². Investment in new PET/PP injection blow moulding machines.
Acquisition of a new production site in Ceyzériat (Ain). Creation of the FOODLINE company dedicated to the food and agriculture sectors.
Anthony CLEARD joins the family firm.
Acquisition of a 13,000 m² site and construction of a 1,300 m² workshop.
Further enlargement of the Villereversure site with a 2,100 m² production workshop and a 2,700 m² storage area.
Extension of the Ceyzériat site by 5,000 m².

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